Rarely do you find an artist who excells in so many different modes of expression. We invite you to enjoy this exciting diversity. First, there is the striking detail and vivid colors of her still-life florals. Then, savor the lighter, more subtle touches in her portraits and animal studies. Journey with her to absorb the stunning beauty of dramatic landscapes and scenes from her travels at home and abroad.

This award-winning artist's versitility stems from a life devoted to interacting with others through her work. She has taught art for more than two decades, been the official portrait artist for the National Capital Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and currently promotes art appreciation in her community on the Delaware seashore.

"When someone tells me they have started to look at a flower differently, or more closely, or they have been moved emotionally because of my paintings, then I feel a deep satisfaction that I equate with success," Anne says.